WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Eastern Berks County Regional Comprehensive Plan

To the residents of the Borough of Topton, 

The Topton Borough Planning Commission is inviting residents of our community to participate in the update of the Eastern Berks County Regional Comprehensive Plan. 

Municipalities in the Commonwealth are required to maintain a Comprehensive Plan, updating it every 10 years. Comprehensive plans are essential long-term planning documents that establish a broad, long-term vision for how communities utilize land and their built environments. 

Comprehensive plans act as guides for local legislation like zoning and subdivision codes, but also guide development, our built environment, community character, and institutional needs. Comprehensive plans are also key to obtaining funding for infrastructure and other  projects. 

Topton Borough,  District and Rockland Townships will be collaborating in 2024 to update the Joint Comprehensive Plan. Each municipality establishes a comprehensive planning committee and will collaborate with the Berks County Planning Commission for the update of the plan. The committees consist of public officials and residents of the community and work together to make decisions about the recommendations and initiatives that the plan covers. 

We encourage our residents who are interested in supporting our community to consider volunteering for the committee. Participation involves reviewing documents and meeting on a monthly basis throughout 2024. We ask that anyone interested in participating, please contact us by October 31st, 2023.

The Borough Planning Commission will be hosting a meeting of the other municipalities and the Berks County Planning Commission on October 11 to begin discussing how the plan revision will roll out over the next year. 

You can read the existing plan by visiting the Berks County Planning Commissions Website at:

County of Berks – Eastern Berks Joint Comprehensive Plan

Thanks again for your time and consideration. We would love to have you participate. If you have any questions,  please contact Borough Hall at (610) 682-2541 or smilo@toptonborough.com.

Leo Scott, Chairman 

Topton Borough Planning Commission