On Monday, June 28, 2022 Council made the decision to officially close the Topton Memorial Pool permanently. There were many factors involved and the safety and financial implications of the residents were first and foremost in the decision. The land the pool area occupies has great potential for some new and exciting possibilities which will be explored and discussed in the future. Stay informed by coming to council meetings.

Below is a link to view the Topton Feasibility presentation that was presented at the October 12th, 2020 public borough council meeting. The final feasibility study was completed by MKSD and is available at Borough Hall or by following the third link below.

Swimming Pool Study May 19, 2020

Swimming Pool Study December 14, 2020

Topton Memorial Pool Feasibility Study

On January 12, 2022, Barry Isett & Associates, Inc. performed a site visit to the Topton Memorial Pool to structurally assess the Borough Hall building and pool structure for signs of settlement.  Below are the reports of their findings and further recommendations.

Initial Structural Assessment

Geotechnical Investigation Proposal

2011 Pool Report by AG&E Inc