Leaf Pick-Up Service

The Borough of Topton will offer leaf pick-up service around the end of October through part of November.  Please watch our website and Facebook for exact dates and map to determine the dates and day of your pick-up.  All leaves will need to be placed by the curb by 7am the morning of pick-up, and may not contain any brush material, sticks, twigs, weeds, grass or animal waste within the leaf piles.

Chipping Service

The Borough of Topton will offer chipping April through September on the last Tuesday of each month.  Please leave branches and shrubs no thicker than 8″ in diameter curbside no earlier than the weekend prior to the last Tuesday of the month.  The mulch will be available to residents on a first come first serve basis outside of the Water Treatment Plant off of Woodside Ave.


On November 14th, 2022, Council passed ordinance 6-2022 to put restrictions on the cutting and opening of newly paved streets within the Borough. Cutting and opening is not permitted on Borough streets or alleys that have been paved within the last five years, unless emergency situations exist. There is also minimum repair requirements for opening borough streets. Permits must be issued for all street openings.

Please refer to ordinance 6-2022 below for more details and information.

Ordinance 6-2022

Please contact the Borough office if you have any additional questions; 610-682-2541.

Paved Streets

2023 – West High Street

2022 – Oak Alley


Water bills are mailed out quarterly in January, April, July and October. Water bills are due within 30 days to avoid finance charges and possible termination of services.  Water bills can be paid at the borough office by cash, check or credit card with no fee, or credit card payments can be made over the phone or on our website with an additional $4.75 fee. Checks can also be mailed or placed in the drop box at the borough hall.

Residential Rates Water Sewer Total
MIN. SERVICE RATE (up to 4,000 gal.) $52.20 $93.60 $145.80
PER EVERY 1,000 GALLONS $7.02 $12.72 $19.74
Commercial Rates
MIN. SERVICE RATE (up to 4,000 gal.) $78.30 $149.40 $227.70
PER EVERY 1,000 GALLONS $10.53 $20.88 $31.41
Industrial Rates
MIN. SERVICE RATE (up to 4,000 gal.) $78.30 $149.40 $227.70
PER EVERY 1,000 GALLONS $10.53 $22.68 $33.21

Per Resolution No. 4-2023, Final Water and Sewer certifications may be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the borough office.  There is a $10.00 fee for certifications received 48 hours prior to read.  The fee is $20.00 if request is received less than 48 hours prior to read.  Please make check payable to:  The Borough of Topton.