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Welcome to Topton!

About The Borough of Topton

In 1754, Berks County became incorporated. Settlers lived in "long swamp". Farms were found to be underlaid with iron ore and as many as 100 mines opened in  the area. Villages and hamlets were established and the area became known as "Longswamp" in 1761. In 1854, the Allentown Railroad Company constructed a railroad from Allentown to join the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.

In 1859, the East Penn Railroad was extended from Reading to Allentown. On May 19th of that year, Judge George Stitzel, while inspecting the railroad, suggested to the community at the highest elevation be called Topton. In February 1876, the Borough of Topton was created. Topton, located in the northeast corner of Berks County, is surrounded by Longswamp Township, except for a small corner which is adjacent to Maxatawny Township. The population according to a 2010 census is 2,069.

Final Leaf Pick-Up

On Thursday December 7th the Borough of Topton will do its final pick up for the year.  Please have all leaf piles out by curb by Wednesday evening for pick up Thursday morning.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the Borough Office.

Spotted Lanternfly Information

Please click here for more information regarding the Spotted Lanternfly.

Scam Phone Calls

Recently we have received some phone calls from concerned residents regarding phone calls they have received from companies calling about mortgages, student loans, utility bills, etc. or in some way asking for money.  When receiving these phone calls it appears to show they are calling from a local number such as the Borough of Topton, Brandywine School District or other familiar numbers.  The Borough of Topton wants to make its residents aware that the Borough would not communicate via phone for any collection of bills.  We will always communicate via standard or certified mail.  These phone calls are known as spoofing where the caller will use a method to change their caller ID information to show as a local familiar number.  Please be aware and cautious when taking these calls.  If you are unsure if the caller is a legitimate company please feel free to ask for a number to return their call and verify the information you received is correct.  If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact the Borough office.

Borough of Topton Proposed MS4 Plan

Borough of Topton Proposed MS4 Plan

Submission of comments needs to be tracked and logged, so there are a couple ways to do this:

  1. Come into Borough Office and hand in written comments on a sheet of paper. They need to include your name and some form of contact (email, address, or phone #) so that the Borough can return feedback and comments, if applicable.
  2. Submit an email to either the Borough office.
  3. Or any other mode you think is more appropriate


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